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If each individual within your partnership picked out one bad habit each month

and stubbornly worked on turning it from a personal weakness into a strength over 30 days...


And then your family team made one monthly improvement in how your team works together...


And over time your partners became stubborn at listening and problem solving together as a team, instead of being stubborn and talking over each other...


How much different would your business partnership and your life be in 24 months?

🤝You will have fewer daily frustrations and actually ENJOY working alongside your family!

👍You will make better-quality DECISIONS without egos and emotions getting in the way!

☝️You will see PROFIT skyrocket because ideas will be listened to and implemented!

💪You will have a QUALITY SUCCESSOR who can be trusted to take over the family empire!


How does our solution

impact succession? ➡️

We help STUBBORN farmers work better together!

We get families to STOP being stubborn with each other….

And START being stubborn at the GOOD HABITS that will make both your family members and family business successful! 

The side effect? A smooth succession experience.

After 24 months of these subtle, gradual changes, your family can have the “succession talk” about big, long-term changes within your family business within only a few hours. Instead of it becoming a decade-long family feud.

👌Your family can make complex strategic decisions together without it being a huge pissing contest!  

👌Your family ACTUALLY enjoys working together and nobody fears being pushed out!   

👌Your successor(s) don’t just have potential; they are reaching their fullest potential! They’re a partner anyone would invest in and bring into a multi-million dollar partnership with sweat equity! 

Our Guarantee

For each $1 we invoice your family, we guarantee a 300% return (or equivalent strategic value) or we simply don’t invoice. We stand behind what we do!

"I turn being stubborn

from a bad word

to your family




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