Stubborn.farm and its Founder

Who is Andy “Caygeon” Junkin and what is Stubborn.farm?

Formerly known as Agriculture Strategy.

How are ya now?

My birth certificate says my name is Mark Andrew Junkin of Bobcaygeon, but since college everyone else (except my mother) calls me Bobcaygeon or “Caygeon.” (pr. Ka-jun) You can, too. 

Being a farmer was the center of who I was and 25 years ago I would have told you what I do for a living is bulls*it. However, I’ve gone through a lot of B.S. since then and am hellbent (some would say stubborn) to make sure that your family doesn’t go through the hell that mine did.

I am not Dr. Phil… I won’t make you hold hands and sing Kumbaya.

I focus on improving farm profit and subtly solve the soft issues that become hard problems in farming without all the drama.

I started doing what I am doing by simply helping my friends in Western Ontario, and found I had a God-given gift. This has been my fulltime occupation since 2010. Instead of milking cows, I’ve religiously gotten out of bed every morning at 4am and read 75 pages related to my niche before breakfast ever since. I don’t believe we ever stop learning. I’ve written 6 books on my niche and became known as one the best farm mediators, saving farms in 22 states and five Canadian provinces. However, my life’s goal has been to get rid of the need for a mediator altogether.

In 2017 I married a Midwestern farm girl, and we bought a farm together near Mt. Vernon, Iowa. We have three boys: Huck, Samuel Colt, and Scout. My wife Bernadette is my everything. My mission has become OUR mission.

When I started off as a mediator, there was one common theme: the stubborn. Everyone would point fingers at each other and try to shift blame. Matthew 7:5 says: “Do not take the speck of dust out of your brother’s eye until you’ve taken the plank out of your own.” It doesn’t matter if you’re an atheist, these are wise words and the foundation of my approach. My program philosophy is to get farmers to look at farming with family as a challenge to become a better person. If you are stubborn at becoming a better person, instead of a stubborn S.O.B. to work with…everything flows!

I don’t sell life insurance or any financial products. I live to help stubborn farmers work better together! My niche expertise is hard to explain because we’ve PIONEERED a new approach to farm management and farm succession. Nobody does what we do. Heck, nobody is crazy enough to specialize in working with Stubborn Farmers, but “fixing stubborn” to turn it into your farm’s competitive edge is my life’s calling!

Let me mail you a free copy of my book “Bulletproof your Farm” that you can read in less than two hours which will radically change how you think about farming with family.

Watch my 35-minute presentation to a group of farmers this past year. It gives you a whole different perspective on farm succession and a few ideas on working with family. It will also give you a clear understanding of what I’m all about!

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