Next Steps

Step 1: Read Stubborn

🛑 STOP! 🛑

If you haven’t gotten a copy of Stubborn, you need to! This is your FIRST step.

Once you’ve listened to the audiobook or read the hard copy, come back here and let’s get started!

Step 2: 30-Day Initiation Period

Step 3: Foundational 90-Day Program

Step 4: Customized Core 24-month Program


Let’s start by having a private, one-on-one, FREE phone call over Zoom to discuss your business's unique challenges.  I’ll provide you with free advice with no strings attached.

Step 2:

Change starts with you changing you, not everyone else! 

Over the next 30 days, make one simple improvement in your character and show your partners that you are serious about self-improvement and very quickly . . . they’ll follow your lead! We work with you one-on-one to make this habit change stick!

During this month period, we’ll send each of your partners a complimentary copy of our audiobook/paperback book Stubborn. After they’ve listened to/read it, we’ll talk with them for an hour to discuss our unique philosophy and your farm’s unique challenges. 

After these one-on-one meetings with each partner and after everyone has seen you follow through on making the token change in habit you said you’d do, we’ll sit down with your entire family over Zoom to hear their thoughts on the book and the concepts within.

Step 3:

If your family/partners liked the ideas from the book and want to adapt basic concepts into your business's culture, we will work with your team to set a firm foundation that will actually stick.     

Over that 90-day period:

1.  Each partner is coached in making one simple, easy-to-do but relevant change in their behavior each month.

2.  We introduce one foundational improvement to how your family works together each month.

I.) Treat Time Like It’s Money. II.) Learn to Disagree Intentionally. III.) Adopt the 5 Principles of Me to We.

3.  We make money for your business. Each partner brainstorms one new idea to improve the efficiency of your business each month that takes no more than 1/10th of a percent of your business’s worth to adopt. 

We only work with folks who are serious about change.  Often farmers call us, wanting us to change their partners but they themselves aren’t willing to change their own behavior. This 90-day trial helps you get to know us and us to get to know you. 

Step 4:

After the Foundation Program is put in place, we can design a customized 24-month program to evolve how

your family works together. We expand the scope of our services based on your farm’s unique needs. Your family can collectively decide if this is a program that is appropriate for your needs and if everyone is on-board. 

Over 24 months, everyone gradually evolves to become the partner anyone would want to be partnered with. 

Once this is done, we provide the dream team of succession professionals to work with your existing team of professional advisors to have “the succession talk.” Because we “got everyone to stop being stubborn with each other and stubborn at the habits that will make your farm family successful” FIRST, it's an easy afternoon conversation that doesn’t become WWIII. 

We get everyone to think about the terms of this discussion over a year, then paper a concrete succession plan usually in 36 months.  

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