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Mr. Junkin dives right into the fractures family farm “partners” often fail to manage—or, worse, even to recognize. Often, the most toxic threat to dreams of success is a failure in the beginning to agree on what “success” should look like. Family farm partners tend to focus on daily challenges, rushing ahead without even a sketch or outline of the desired


His examples of—and practical advice for avoiding—chronic partnership disagreements are practical tools for refocusing talent and energy on the why’s, what’s, and where’s of building a partnership that unifies rather than fractures families.

Donald J. Jonovic, Ph.D., is one of the nation’s pioneer family business advisors. 

His long-running monthly column in Successful Farming Magazine was recognized by the Magazine Industry Association as America’s “Best Personal Advice Column of 2014.”

Most farms don’t fail because of markets, money, or modality; they fail becaue folks can’t get along. In this

easy-to-read book, Andy uses real stories to give us strategies for healing frayed relationships. The single

most important equity on any farm is harmony and trust; this book offers the best roadmap I’ve seen for achieving relational success.

Joel Salatin

Polyface Farm

Editor, The Stockman Grass Farmer

Andy is real and genuine. Drawing on his own personal past and years of professional experience, he cuts through the fog and gets right at the real issues. His candid way of making the “main things the main things” is practical, humbling, and refreshing. His use of real-life accounts as parables intertwines anecdotal examples to identify with and recognize the simple actionable steps for change.

Farming together with your family are some of the best days of your life! But the unseen universal “me” factor between generations, partners, and siblings can drown out even the best days and make the farm feel like hell on earth. In Stubborn, Andy brings from his experience some new, unique and practical practices to turn the “me” into “we.”

Jeff Smoke - Washington State farmer

Stubborn helps farmers and family businesses learn how to apply their natural stubbornness in the right way to their business. Too many farms and family businesses are negatively impacted by family members being stubborn in the wrong way. That leads to miscommunication, egos, frustration, and heartache. These issues impact the bottom-line more than all other issues combined.

This book will change how family business owners work together so that they enjoy getting out of bed each day to work with each other. Are you ready to learn to be the right kind of stubborn?

Walt Cooley - Vice President, Progressive Dairy Magazine (AgProud.com)

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