Imagine your farm family. . .

where instead of everyone being STUBBORN with EACH OTHER . . .

Everyone evolves and is STUBBORN at the GOOD HABITS

that make your farm and your farm family SUCCESSFUL!

Why not have a listen while you take a look around!

My name is Andy Caygeon Junkin and I help stubborn farmers work better together.

I am in the business of tripling the odds of your family still farming together in 30 years’ time!

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In just three minutes, you can quickly understand Andy Caygeon Junkin’s unique mission and why it is so vital to the future of your family’s farm.

We make it simple

to work with Andy Caygeon Junkin

We provide a one-day workshop called Farming with Your Stubborn Family where Caygeon gives away ten counterintuitive; yet, common-sense habits in a turnkey program your family can implement on their own. This is the quickest and most cost effective way to get lasting change on your farm.

If your family struggles to put these concepts into reality, you can join our special, no-fluff, no-B.S. coaching, mentoring, and farm management program where Caygeon works with your family via Zoom over a 90-day (The 90-Day Startup) or two-year period to make these habits stick!

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Put Stubborn.Farm’s

methodolgy in place

on your farm and you will . . .

Skyrocket Your Profitability

We don’t let stubborn get in the way of good ideas and smart decision-making! We provide farmers a time and place to listen, share ideas, and make decisions together as a team. It is by transforming how your family makes and implements decisions together, many of our clients nearly double their profitability.

Make Your Farm Succession Successful

AFTER we’ve helped each partner learn how to listen to each other (not talk over each other) and we’ve guided your family in grooming a successful successor that is stubborn at good habits, the “succession talk” is an easy afternoon

conversation. . . not a ten-year feud!

Bring Back Your Happiness

We work with your family to set down values and habits that build your farm’s culture and challenge everyone to become the partner and friend anyone would want to work with. When partners stop being @$$holes and be the best version of themselves every day, farming with family becomes fun again!

Listen to a conversation we had on the Millennial Farmer’s podcast or CLICK HERE for a selection of podcasts!

Our Guarantee

We always guarantee a 300% Return on Investment.

For our monthly services, we don’t invoice unless you’ve seen a 300% ROI in improved efficiency or equivelent strategic value.

For our workshop, you don’t pay until after the workshop, if you feel you received real value.

This isn’t feel-good, wishy washy fluff!

We are results-oriented and stand behind what we do!

What farmers are sayin’

Sumption Farms image

Andy provided the methods for my 4 brothers and I to better solve strategic problems. Now, our farm is more profitable and we are having a lot more fun farming together.

Warren Sumption

Sumption Farms

(17,000 acres cash crop/beef)

Frederick, South Dakota

When we met Andy six months ago, we were about to split up our farm partnership. Now we are getting along so well that we are bringing our brother-in-law into the partnership.

Austin and Dane Brown

R.L. Brown Farms LLC

(3k acres sugar beet/cash crop)

Jerome, Idaho

“My family wasn’t aware of how their approach to farm succession planning was chauvinistic. Thanks to Andy, I am now paid the same as my brother and am earning the same amount of equity for equal work. My dream of building a barn happened because Dad started listening and taking me seriously as a business partner, not just a daughter.”

Morgan Donneral

Landomills Farms

(70-cow dairy)

Hampton, Ontario

Over three years, Andy helped us double our operation’s size, and my role evolved from driving tractor to managing 150+ employees.

Chris Wismer

Glen Elgin Vineyards Management

(1,200 acres vineyards)

Niagara Falls, Ontario

We know our unique service is hard to wrap your mind around because there is no one else out there doing it!

We’ve pioneered a new approach to farm management and farm succession. Nobody does what we do.

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