Andy at Ag College

Not the WHAT but the WHY

Just two days ago, I got off the phone with a 25-year-old corn farmer named Billy who recently became a father. He explained to me that only a few days after the baby was born, he was given the chance to see the farm’s financials for the first time. He was shocked to find out […]


Rule #2: Don’t Be a Jerk

It got to the point that every time Parker saw Beau’s phone number on his cell’s call display, his gut turned over because he knew his brother was going to yell at him about something else again. They hadn’t had a pleasant conversation in months, and Beau treated his younger brother Parker like a “rented […]

Huck and Dad

Earn Your Respect Daily

What is going on in the mind of your partner when they are about to hit that alarm clock?

Are they thinking about what has to get done today with excitement or just hitting snooze and getting another 20 minutes sleep?

What they tell themselves in that first five seconds of the day will dictate where your farm is going to be in five years.


Lace Up Your Boots

About 12 years ago, a guy named Jack called me up and, although no one in his family knew it, he had terminal cancer. Succession planning had suddenly become a priority, and he didn’t know what to do. His youngest son, Ken, was 29 and had been working on the farm for eight years and […]