Farming with Your Stubborn Family: The Workshop

LOCATION: Iowa’s Dairy Center in Calmar, IA 52132

Andy “Caygeon” Junkin is hellbent on saving family farms. Watch and learn why this workshop matters . . .

Stubborn.Farm will be bringing you a game-changing workshop on December 7, 9:30AM-4:00PM @ Iowa Dairy Center, 1527 Highway 150, Calmar, IA 52132.

We have specially discounted this workshop for YOU. Anyone who registers through this page will get 90% off right now. This is a full-day workshop with invaluable value that we normally offer for $1,000. Today you can register for only $100 for your entire family (lunch included)!

In this workshop, you will be given ten of Caygeon’s best ideas addressing topics such as: narcissism, control, entitlement, not listening, anxiety, succession, accountability, and more!

No one can solve all of your family’s problems in one day, but with this workshop you can pretty much solve half of them with 10 simple, practical ideas. This is a turnkey program (book/workbook included), that your family can easily implement on your own the next day. It will help any family evolve how they work together from good to great and turn “stubborn” into your farm’s competitive advantage! 

Bring your whole family (all key partners of your operation) for a workshop that will evolve how you work together and make farming with family fun again!

Even if your family gets along fantastically…anything you can do to improve the quality of decision-making skyrockets profitability and makes farming with family fun again! 

This workshop will be the one day investment that will double farm profit, but more importantly double the odds of your family still farming together in 10 years time! 

“I help stubborn farmers work better together.”

Andy “Caygeon” Junkin

Workshop Host

Sneak peek? Have a listen to a recent conversation on the Herd Quitter Podcast and get a gist of what our workshop will be about!

WHAT it IS and WHAT it is NOT

  • It is about improving how your family works together as a team. It is NOT about pointing blame at any individual!

  • It’s educational, but NOT a lecture nor a sermon! 

  • It’s meant to give you ideas you can walk away with and do on the farm yourself. You will NOT be upsold any of my consulting services or anything anyone else sells.

  • It’s meant for the whole partnership to participte, but if “Uncle Bill” wants to sit at the back of the room and say nothing…that is fine, too. We meet you where you are at right now. You will NOT be prompted to discuss personal family matters publicly or in small family groups.  

  • We discuss our unique philosphies about how to have a successful succession, but you will NOT be doing any form of estate planning for your operation.

We GUARANTEE our workshop.

If you don’t feel it’s worth what you paid for registering within 2 hours,

you can walk out and we’ll refund you. 

Grab our book Bulletproof Your Farm for free!

This book can be read within an hour and will give you a taste of what is to come BEFORE the workshop!

Get the audiobook you can listen to right now and a paperback we will send right to your mailbox.

Request for a Workshop Near You

Want to host an event in your hometown this winter?
If you put together 10+ farms, your Ag charity (i.e., FFA, 4H) can fundraise 20% from the door!

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