Is "Stubborn"

making or breaking

your family farm?

Andy "Caygeon" Junkin

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FArming with your stubborn FAMILY


Why listen to Andy Junkin?

Being stubborn was what caused my 7th generation farm to be successful but ultimately

is what caused my family farm to fail!

For the past fifteen years, I have been driven to

solve the root problems that tear farms and farm families apart, writing five books on the topic, speaking in 21 states and creating a unique approach to farm management through the hundreds of farms I have worked with.

Like the preachers and marriage counselors who first developed pre-marriage classes, I have identified common problems farm families encounter (yet no one talks openly about) when farming together. This course is about practical habits your farm family can PROACTIVELY adapt to prevent these problems from happening in a way that fits your farm's unique culture/situation.

I've been known as one of the best farm family mediators. However, I designed this course to get rid of the need for a mediator altogether!

If you're "stuck in the mud" after having worked with your family for several years, this masterclass has a track record at helping folks get unstuck fast!

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Farming with Your Stubborn Family

is the Masterclass

that will help your family


where it could cause your farm to fail


that make your farm succeed!

It's time to flip stubborn on its head!

I have condensed my best ideas into a FREE, 7-day MASTERCLASS, Farming with Your Stubborn Family. Even if you are time strapped or not tech savvy, it's easy. It's as easy as watching a video during your breakfast. Each morning, I'll email/Text message you a ~ten-minute video and a couple thought-provoking questions. If you email me back your answers, I'll give you a PRO BONO hour of my time after you've completed the masterclass (you schedule the time) where we can identify what you thought were the best ideas and how to implement them into your farm family's unique situation.

Why am I doing this? I've spent Christmas alone due to farm family strife and don't wish this on anyone!

By the end of the masterclass, you will walk away knowing:

  • Why you shouldn't farm, unless you're willing to cut off your finger.
  • Why spray painting the shop door pink will nearly double farm profitability.
  • How to get your family to stop blaming each other and actually fix problems together without bickering.
  • How to get your lazy brother to work a half hour early instead of a half hour late.
  • How to get your partner to be the best version of themselves consistently, instead of the jerk that sometimes shows up!
  • How to avoid those often-overlooked landmines that causes so many farm successions and good families to self-destruct.
  • How to get your partner to admit that he's actually wrong sometimes.

I've developed a unique perspective and you won't get exposed to these seven thought-provoking concepts anywhere else. For everyone that has taken the Masterclass to date...it's a game changer!

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