Farming with Your Stubborn Family?

Tweak a few HABITS and take how your family works together from good to great as your New Year’s resolution…

Watch this 3 minute video about our workshop:

This workshop will help your farm family STOP

being stubborn with each other…

And START being stubborn

at the critical things that make

both a farm and a farm family successful!

What You Will Walk Away With:

In my one-day “Farming with Your Stubborn Family” workshop, I’ll give you ten of my best ideas addressing topics such as: 

  1. How do you get a family from butting heads to pulling in the same direction?
  2. How do you balance work with life? 
  3. How do you hold partners accountable? 
  4. How do you overcome chauvinism? 
  5. How do you reduce anxiety and depression on the farm? 
  6. How do you get a farmer who is set in his ways to change? 
  7. How do you get a partner to stop being a jerk?
  8. How do you get dad to let go of control and groom a successor into management?
  9. What is the magic trick to doing farm succession?
  10. How do you make farming with family fun again? 

I can’t solve all of your family’s problems in one day, but I can pretty much solve half of them with 10 simple, practical ideas. This is a very practical, turnkey program (book/workbook included), that your family can easily implement on their own the next day. It will help any family evolve how they work together from good to great and turn “stubborn” into your farm’s competitive advantage! 

The Details

This workshop gives you ten counterintuitive yet common sense best practices that takes how your family works together from good to great!  

Usually, one partner from the farm takes this course and in nearly every case, they get their partners to take the course shortly after and it changes how they work together for the better! 

Although counterintuitive, the concepts are simple and easy to implement. We provide a book/workbook in a turnkey format so that after being familiarized with the game changing concepts, your family can do this on their own.

We never have two neighbors, family members or friends in the same online class. We keep our online workshops to less than 10 farmers, enabling you to anonymously interact with other farmers going through similar challenges outside of your hometown. It’s like Alcoholics Anonymous for farmers and everyone who takes it, loves this interaction.    

We don’t ask for payment until AFTER you are satisfied with the course’s quality. 93% of farmers grade the course as an A rating in exit surveys.

Even if your family gets along fantastically…anything you can do to improve the quality of decision-making skyrockets profitability and makes farming with family fun again! 

This workshop will be the one day investment that will introduce common sense best practices that if implemented not only will nearly double farm profit, but more importantly double the odds of your family still farming together in 10 years time!

“I help stubborn farmers work better together.”

Andy “Caygeon” Junkin

Workshop Host

We GUARANTEE our workshop.

We only invoice AFTER the first session is over and you feel you found true value.

We want to make sure 100% farmer satisfaction. We stand behind what we do!

Farmers Who Have Taken the Workshop

Sneak peek? Have a listen to a recent conversation on the Herd Quitter Podcast and get a gist of what our workshop will be about!

Grab our book Bulletproof Your Farm for free!

This book can be read within an hour and will give you a taste of what is to come BEFORE the workshop!

Get the audiobook you can listen to right now and a paperback we will send right to your mailbox.

Workshop Registration

The intent of the workshop is to cost effectively give you our basic program in a turn-key format so that your family can implement our unique process on your own.


This workshop is worth over $1,500 of Andy Junkin’s time but we ask for only $300/person so that we can make this affordable for any farmer out there!

Online workshops are split into two parts. Part 1 is in the Morning (9AM-12PM CST) and Part 2 is in the Afternoon (1PM-4PM CST). You choose when you want to do each Part. It can be in all on the same day or on different days.

We do not expect payment for our online workshop until you are done the first half of the course. We’ll email you a payment link before the second half of the course and it’s at your discretion if you want to continue. We stand 100% behind the program’s quality and haven’t had anyone unsatisfied yet.

Freebie! We gift out our latest book, “Farming with Your Stubborn Family” to all workshop attendees. Our only ask is you do not open this book until the day of the workshop!

Most farmers who have taken the online workshop have turned around and gifted a seat to his/her farming partners. This program can be a great way to reset family working relationships and set your farm family up for success in the New Year!

If you have problems with the online registration, just call us:  319-775-115

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