How do you turn

Farm Stress into Happiness?

The Answer is Time Management: what you spend your time thinking about and what you spend your time doing.

We got to stop talking about what we DON’T want and start talking about what we DO want.

How can your life be better in a Year?

Ask yourself: What is the B.S. that is holding your family back from achieving both a successful business and a less stressful, happy life? How can we combat the farm stress and farm depression that is trying to break us?

Each week we ask this question. We start with small frustrations such as a family member showing up to work late. Gradually we evolve this to tackle family traits like “having a short temper” and even deeper family issues. We focus on restructuring the habits and attitudes that impact how your family works together. We help partners understand one another and rebuild respectful relationships.

Managing Farmers Mental Health

Farm depression is a real problem and if allowed to get out of control, like any medical illness, it should be treated by a doctor when severe. However, like any physical illness (e.g., Diabetes) the key to overcoming farm stress needs to go well beyond a prescription (e.g., diet/exercise). It’s dealing with the root issues ranging from how you deal with farm stress to minimizing the issues causing the stress. It’s defining a farm business plan on how you plan to deal with your problems instead of juggling worries. It’s changing both what you think about and what you spend your time doing. In other words, society thinks the answer is in a pill but that is just 10% of the solution.

We introduce the habits and mindsets that successful CEOs and athletes use in your farm’s business culture in a way that fits within the culture of agriculture. We get the results of Dr. Phil, without ever acting like Dr. Phil!

It’s not just about you. 

If your partners are changing themselves for the better, this directly makes your life better as well…on so many levels! For young farmers who are being trusted with farm loans, everyone impacted should be concerned that the beginning farmer has optimal work/life balance, mental health and personal fulfillment prior to even starting to talk about farm estate planning, farm succession, or farm debt.

Athletes use personal trainers to help them learn new exercise techniques and hold them accountable to following through on goals. They get the athlete to a level they wouldn’t achieve on their own. Likewise, we act as a coach to help everyone evolve from good to great, to become the best version of themselves that they can be!

We provide the hour per week for your family to look at the glass half empty (continuous improvement) and then create the working/living environment for the rest of the week for family members to look at the glass half full. Positivity!

If each partner on your farm could make one improvement in habit, skill-set or character each week, in a year (52 little changes) you’d be amazed by how different your family relationships are, and how much happier you’ll be.

We make farming with family fun again!

Women Farmers and Raising Families

It’s not easy balancing a professional career as a farmer and having a family. Many farm women with great potential burn out and resort to chauvinistic norms they once objected to. Over a decade, we’ve carefully studied how successful CEOs balance family with career and applied these principles to the unique parameters of a family farm. We help you focus both your time and mindset on what is important to you, so you can conquer your world and be the best version of you, you can be.