Fishing for a Farm Loan?

The Answer to Catching and Keeping Your Farm Loan . . .

"Say what you do & then do what you say...no matter what!"

Help your banker help you...objective third party accountability makes their job 10X easier!

Farm Credit is Critical

Whether you are a beginning farmer needing your first farm loan or a farm with serious debt problems needing an alternative lender, access to credit is critical!

Since COVID-19, banking is changing rapidly! 40% of a farm’s assessment for a loan comes down to your banker’s feelings about your farm’s management capabilities. Your local ag lender might think your family are great farmers, but suddenly their decisions are being second guessed by their bosses. With crashing commodity prices, bankers need to see a light at the end of the tunnel and know it’s not a train. They need to see not only that your family has a plan, but they are working the plan and problem-solving to eliminate the hiccups that hold you back. Agriculture Strategy follows your family through developing a realistic strategy, but more importantly we hold each partner accountable to “say what you do and then hold their feet to the fire to doing what you say.” Accountability is everything!

Managing Farm Management

For instance, we took a farm that lost their bank financing ($17,000,000) due to mismanagement and we got them temporary financing within a week. We then helped a very stubborn family work better together so that they could reorganize the business. Within a year, they were able to get a new loan at the cheapest interest rate they’ve ever paid. Why? Because the banker assessed that the farm was at a premium tier of management. We can do the same for your farm!

Bankers love our unique process because we fix the root management issues of how families work together - one of their untold but greatest risks…

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